Yearly Lot Rentals

Additional Information

 Hayes Canyon Campground has about 100 lots rented by the year, with a long waiting list of folks wanting to rent lots.  If you are interested in getting on the waiting list contact us.


We have an open-door policy and are around most of the time – please ask if you have any questions!  Ben & Patti

2019 Lot Rent  = $875 per year.  This includes 12 nights use per month during the on-season = April through October (7 months).  These nights cannot be 'rolled over' or saved.  Please minimally make $125 monthly payments by the beginning of each month April thru October. 

           Second lot for parking only (no electric) = $455 per yearly season ($65 per month April thru October).  

{optional} Lot maintenance $35 per year. This will maintain your lot to a ‘street’ level to look decent from the street or neighboring lots. (mowing or herbicide)

Excess appliances (e.g. second refrig/freezer, second A/C unit, electric clothes dryer, dehumidifier, electric space heater)=$10/month when in use.

Overnight guests--for guests staying with you on your lot that are not members of your household the charge is $2 per person per night.  No charge for grandchildren under the age of 16 (even if they do not live in your household).  You may not sub-let your lot to others.  If you choose to allow someone to use your lot (or your second/parking lot) they will be charged the regular nightly rate (just as if they had stayed on a nightly campsite).

Day visitors who ride need to check in at the office and pay day use fee.  

Off-Season Storage --RV storage included with yearly rent for the off-season (November through March) if unplugged.  Option to leave on electric power (for refrigerator only) = $20 per month from November through March.

Occupancy Fee = $12 per night if you occupy your lot more than 12 nights per month. This is to account for additional electricity, water, & septic use.

Off-Season  Use--For use of your lot in the off-season (November through March), the fee is $12 nightly.  Water to the lots will be turned off at the end of the season [when the weather gets cold] and will be back on at the start of the season. [weather-dependent]  Frost-free hydrants and  bathroom/shower will remain on.

Hunters -- special circumstances apply to hunters for use in the off-season.  Contact owners for details.

Site Maintenance -- Please keep your lot looking nice. Renters are responsible for maintenance including grass control, repairing horse pens, and keeping horse pens free of excess manure.  Must have owner's permission before cutting any trees.   If your lot gets overgrown, then we will mow it and bill you $15 per mowing.      

  Site Improvements -- If your lot has horse pens when you rented it, then plan to leave the lot with at least the same number of useable pens (no broken posts, etc) if you stop renting it.  If you would like to install permanent structures such as covered horse pens, concrete pad, etc. please OK with owners first (we pay property taxes on all attached structures).  If you vacate your lot the structure you have installed stays with the lot and you may not remove it.  Portable structures (e.g. portable storage building, deck w/o footings) are yours.  

Please contact owners if you would like a quote for lot or RV improvements.  We can do winterization, exterior painting, build deck/steps, build covered horse pens, lay paving blocks, apply gravel to site or to horse pens, routine lot maintenance/mowing, etc.                                                                                                       updated 2/2019