Human Comfort

Full Hookups, Wi-Fi, and more 

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Horse/Mule Comfort

Pens and Covered Stalls available

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human comfort



We have 34 RV campsites available for rent for a day, weekend, week, or longer.

All RV sites have 30A electric hookups, city water, picnic table, and fire ring.  Nearly all have sewer hookups also! Now you can wash your dishes, take showers, or whatever-- and not worry about filling up your holding tank!  Limited number of pull-through sites available. 


 There is free wi-fi at the campground office, with a covered porch and plug-ins so you can relax  and surf the web or reconnect with the outside world (if you want to!).   Also new in Fall 2018 we have a cellular booster at the campground office, Verizon signal only [otherwise, cellular coverage on the campground is spotty/limited].  


We have modern bathrooms & showers. Customers consistently praise the cleanliness of our restroom facilities!


 When packing for your trip, include extra electric cord, water hose, and septic hose.  Due to the many trees on the sites your electric/water supply post or septic stub may be up to 30 feet from your parking pad.  Don't forget a manure fork to clean pens (put in wheeled cart provided right at your campsite, and we will empty daily).  


Packing light? Or get caught out in the rain?  We have coin-operated clothes washer & dryer at our laundry room (located between the mens & womens' restrooms)


At our small campground store you will find basic toiletries (toothbrush, deodorant, feminine products, etc), camping supplies (RV electrical adapters, lighter fluid, etc), apparel (tee/sweat-shirts, hats), and ice-cold Schwan's ice-cream novelties! There is also a soda machine bagged ice at the campground store. 

Horse (Mule) comfort

Horse (Mule) Pens


 Our campsites have pens for your horses located right at the campsite. Peace-of-mind and convenience of having your horse within eyesight/earshot. And no lugging tack and feed back & forth to a remote barn area!


Pens vary in size, approximately 10x10.  One horse per pen (no exceptions). Some campsites have 2 pens, some have 3, many have 4 pens.

Covered Pens



 Currently we have 9 campsites with covered pens. [Our rental cabin also has covered pens, see cabin page for information.]  These campsites fill up early, so be sure to book early if you want covered pens. Covered pens are $5 per horse per night and are matted, but are not bedded. If you desire bedding, either bring your own or buy here. We sell bagged bedding at the camp store.  

Matted Pens


 Of our 34 nightly campsites, 29 campsites have stall mats in place!  All of the covered pens and cabins also have stall mats.

It Happens . . .


Wheeled carts are at each campsite. Put the 'horse apples' in the cart and we will pick up daily with our ATV and haul off-site. No waiting for the only broken-down wheelbarrow and lugging your manure halfway across camp to a stinking heap! 

Extra Pens


 If you are bringing more than 4 horses, you will need to rent extra pens at $5/each per night. We will make every effort to have those extra pens close to your campsite, but depending on the location of your campsite and the capacity of camp, the pens may not be nearby to your other horses. 

Walk-Thru Pens


  Some pens (not all) are created as walk-thru's.  So they can accommodate 1 horse in a larger pens, or 2 horses in a divided, smaller, pen. See the picture above for an example.  These 2 horses on the same campsite separated by chain.  If there was only one horse in this pen the chain could be left down and the horse would have a larger space to wander.  Some walk-through's are divided with gates, some with chains.

Wash Time!


We have a concrete wash-bay, free of charge, for your convenience. Additionally, there are several hydrants at the corners of the gravel camp roads with attached hoses/sprayers for you to rinse your horse on the gravel road. **PLEASE - Don't wash your horses off in your pens, on your campsite, or an adjacent campsite - even if un-occupied at the time.  You'll not know if a new customer will arrive shortly thereafter to find a muddy puddle right at their camper door :(