New  -- of our 32 nightly campsites, 27 campsites now have stall mats in place!  All of the covered pens and cabins also have stall mats (see bottom of page re. covered pens).

Our campsites have pens for your horses located right at the campsite. No lugging tack/feed to a remote location! Peace-of-mind and convenience of haviing your horse within eyesight/earshot.

Pens vary in size, approximately 10x10. One horse per pen (no exceptions). Some campsites have 2 pens, some have 3, many have 4 pens. Pens of adjoining campsites have an approx 4-foot alley so horses can't get 'personal' and cause trouble :)  SEE BOTTOM OF PAGE FOR INFORMATION ABOUT COVERED STALLS****

Wheeled carts are at each campsite, put your 'horse apples' in the cart and we will pick up daily with our ATV and haul off-site. No waiting for the only broken-down wheelbarrel and lugging your manure halfway across camp!

If you are bringing more than 4 horses, you will need to rent extra pens at $5/each per night. We will make every effort to have those extra pens close to your campsite, but depending on the location of your campsite and the capacity of camp the pens may not be nearby to your other horses.

Some pens (not all) are created as walk-thru's. See the picture below for example, these 2 horses on the same campsite seperated by chain.

However, if you only had 1 horse for this pen, the chain could be left down and then the horse then has a 10x20 area to roam (see picture below).



Currently we have 7 campsites with covered pens. [Our rental cabins also have covered pens, see cabin rental page for information.]  These campsites fill up early, so be sure to book early if you want covered pens. Covered pens are $5 per horse per night and are matted or have drainable stall fabric, but are not bedded. If you desire bedding, either bring your own or buy here. We sell bagged bedding at the camp store.  

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